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The Etruscans, like many other European peoples, used to bury their dead in underground chambers.The original Roman custom was cremation, after which the burnt remains were kept in a pot, ash-chest or urn, often in a columbarium.a soft volcanic rock, outside the walls of the city, because Roman law forbade burial places within city limits.The pagan custom was to incinerate corpses, while early Christians and Jews buried the dead.

built vast systems of galleries and passages on top of each other.They were built outside the walls along main Roman roads, like the Via Appia, the Via Ostiense, the Via Labicana, the Via Tiburtina, and the Via Nomentana.Names of the catacombs – like St Calixtus and St Sebastian, which is alongside Via Appia – refer to martyrs that may have been buried there.Passages are about 2.5 by 1 metre (8.2 ft × 3.3 ft). They are 40–60 centimetres (16–24 in) high and 120–150 centimetres (47–59 in) long.Bodies were placed in chambers in stone sarcophagi in their clothes and bound in linen.

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