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Belinda stewart wilson dating

Kim Thomsen [ Nicola Page ], Ronald Frazer [ Drummer ], Sarah Lawson [ Mrs Heppleston ], Frank Mills [ Mr Catchpole ], Ben Howard [ Devlin ], Jeff Hall [ Ossie ], Barry Jackson [ Insp.Maslow ], Anthony Jackson [ Brian ], Keith Marsh [ Auctioneer ], Mike Brown [ Coastguard ] Amanda, Bigelow, Alexander, Mrs Cameron, Dandy Jack, Drabble Lovejoy ("No Mister, just Lovejoy") is an East Anglian antiques dealer who lives a somewhat hand-to-mouth existence, despite being a 'divvie' - a man who just "knows the right of something".Things are not helped by Eric's 'bin diving.' Katia Caballero [ Rosita Lujemillo ], Trevor Byfiled [ Jeff Diamond ], John Stratton [ Prof.David Hayward ], Roger Ashton-Griffiths [ Longstaff ], Paul Kynman [ Bernie ], Mark Crowdy [ Nick Bellenger ], Jack Ellis [ DI Hogg ], Jessica Carney [ Hotel Receptionist ], Malcolm Terris [ Ronnie Bassett ], Cougar [ 'Ded Lizards' ] Alexander An Incan trinket, which has been sold to Eric, brings a bit of black magic to East Anglia, including a couple of murders.When he comes across evidence of a double-cross by Charlie, he sets out to get even. In the first season, in episodes 3 and 4, she is called Kate, and is played by Charlotte Edwards.In the third season, in episodes 18, 28 and 31 she is played by Amelia Shankley, but is now called Vicky, although the second episode lists her as Vicki.In the sixth season, in episodes 67 and 69, she is listed as Viki, and is played by Amelia Curtis.

When Lovejoy sees the schoolgirl being threatened by a man at the school, he decides there's more to the story than meets the eye.

An army major hires Lovejoy to find Wilkes, so as to gain a commission, he says, but Lovejoy is suspicious.

Kean Kent [ Madelaine Gilbert ], Ronald Frazer [ Michael Edwards ], Edita Brychta [ Melanie Ford ], Phil Smeeton [ DS Armstrong ], Tenniel Evans [ James Ford ], Jack Chissack [ Antique Yard Owner ], John Labanowski [ Major Sullivan ], Francois D'Aubigny [ Adjutant Alain Bernard ] Madelaine Gilbert is an ex-movie star who wishes to sell some antiques, much to the delight of Tinker, who is a big fan.

She hires Lovejoy, but then her house is robbed just before the auction, and the robbery bares a striking similarity to a number of others in both England and France.

Caroline Blakiston [ Miss Hemingway ], Mel Martin [ Susan Lovejoy ], Tania Rodriques [ Khadija Subhani ], Amelia Shankley [ Vicky Lovejoy ], Laurence Harrington [ Cyril Harrington-Morse ], Gloria Connell [ Mrs Harrington-Morse ], Saffron Penny [ Lavinia ], Miranda Bell [ Lavinia's Mother ], Ricard Brain [ Sales Assistant ], Aden Gillett [ Charles Garner ], Annee Blott [ School Secretary ], James Warrior [ Taffy Griffiths ], John Cator [ Sam ], Chris Hunter [ Auctioneer ], Sudha Bhuchar [ Aisha Subhani ], Sue Nye [ Letitia ] Lovejoy is in trouble for not paying Vicky's school fees.

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With the aid of an ex-prison officer, who knew Lovejoy "in the nick", Lovejoy produces the goods, only to find that he has been conned.