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Dating after infidelity

Unable to end their extramarital relationships, women at Stage 3 conclude that their lovers are soul mates because they are unaware that they have become addicted to the high caused by chemicals released during the initial stages of a relationship. In most cases, husbands of women at Stage 3, will launch futile attempts to make their wives happy by being more attentive, spending more time at home and helping out around the house.

However, over time many women will move from appreciation to justification.

Husbands of Stage 3 women are often unaware that their wives are having affairs.

Their lack of suspicion is typically due to their wife’s disinterest in sex and in their belief that their wife is a “good girl.” Women at Stage 3 may also be experiencing the ending of an extramarital affair, and the ending may not have been their decision.

They frequently complain of physical ailments to avoid having sex and often try to avoid going to bed at the same time as their husbands.

They view sex as a job, not unlike doing the dishes or going to the grocery store.

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The reason many women will give for their desire to separate is a “search for self.” They convince their husbands that they might be able to save their marriage if they can just have time to themselves.

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