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Forward dating invoices

The client then initiated an inquiry with the law firm, which reimbursed the corporate client for the amounts it had actually paid, wrote off the other invoices, and confronted Meyers.

From the start, Meyers admitted that he submitted the altered bills but asserted, as he still does, that he did so at the behest of in-house counsel, who Meyers contended advised him that the procedure was acceptable because much of the work performed ultimately would be beneficial to the corporate client and because in-house counsel would reimburse the corporate client for any work that was not beneficial to it.

At some point, in-house counsel told Meyers that his employer permitted its in-house attorneys to perform outside legal work as long as it was not on company time and did not raise any conflicts of interest with company matters, and in-house counsel indicated a desire for Meyers’s law firm to do some of the work for his own outside clients.

As a result, beginning in 2011, attorneys at the firm did legal work for the benefit of in-house counsel’s personal clients and for his private practice.

To compensate for this change, the ability to zoom in on the driver's license image also becomes necessary.

Driver's License Expiration Date: During the driver's license type collection process, it is necessary to obtain driver's license expiration date information.

When confronted, Meyers immediately offered to reimburse the firm or the client, and he did ultimately re-pay the law firm.

He had billing responsibilities for many clients, including the large corporate client at issue in this case.

This includes the following: We added new search and filtering capabilities for Pending, Sent, and Past.

We also added a new report: Printable PO (with Freight).

Instead, Meyers claims that he was duped and misled by in-house counsel, whom he reasonably trusted.

Sanction Ultimately, the Review Panel concluded that, although the violations in the case were extremely serious, the special master’s proposed punishment of disbarment was too harsh under the circumstances...

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