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He has not married yet, but there are some rumors with Mao Asada who is also a famous Japanese skater or with a woman who we do not know. That is why he made his good career and became a first Japanese medalist in men’s history of Olympic games.

Daisuke retired from his pro skater’s life in October, 2014. He just started his second life by not a skater but the person, Daisuke Takahashi.

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“If I find out you put your hands on Mao one more time I am going to skate over your throat, am I understood? He unfortunately can’t control the fact that Takahiko is so boyishly charming and closer to Mao in age. He’s fully prepared to just avoid the two of them until he retires or breaks himself jumping, whichever comes first, but Mao has different plans. ” “Tell me why we suddenly aren’t friends anymore.” “What’s sudden about it?

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At the same time, Daisuke doesn’t know what to make of their sudden closeness. Weeks that bleed into months that bleed into years. After all, we wouldn’t want all of this tension going into the Olympics!

He knows that she isn’t crying because she lost to her rival, she’s crying because she can’t go home to her ailing mother with a gold medal. Of course, Daisuke knows the two are friends; they were juniors at the same time and they share a coach. Daisuke can’t keep the scowl off his face for weeks.

Eventually Mao and her boyfriend break up and he returns to his country. There are more important things to worry about now. For him personally, he’s seeking some redemption for his performance at Torino. Honestly, he’s jealous, but he tries not to dwell on it. She doesn’t know much about figure skating so she’s a nice breath of fresh air when he’s off the ice. At ice shows and competitions he plays nice with the rest of Team Japan, especially Mao, but deep down everyone knows something has happened to change their dynamics. ” Daisuke thinks it’d be wise to lie about now, because Mao hit the nail on the head.

Paired with Mao’s new sunny expressions, Daisuke wonders if Takahiko is part of the reason. He can be civil and nothing appears to be wrong on the surface.

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“It won’t happen again.” Daisuke can feel the blood pounding in his ears. Akiko tries stopping him but he breaks free of her. He shoves the kid so hard he goes toppling against the cold concrete. Her face is covered in thick makeup and Daisuke knows if he were to wipe it off there’d be bruises marring her pale skin. “I can take care of myself.” “I care about you, Mao. Mao looks flawless and untouchable to him, but he still worries. Their lives seem to be an endless cycle of training. He even tried to suppress them by dating someone else.

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