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In an analysis of reactions to the Kennedy assassination, Sheatsley and Feldman (1964) suggest that certain characteristics of the event increased its impact on ordinary citizens.Among these characteristics are: 1) the suddenness with which the assassination occurred, along with the rapid spread of the news across the country; 2) a tendency to personify events, i.e., to empathize with the President's family and to feel the loss personally; 3) typical grief reactions, such as sorrow, shame, anger, and physical symptoms; 4) an "overload" of tragic news (e.g.Miller (194x) found college students' attitudes about World War II were different in some important ways, including higher pacifism and greater opposition to the draft, than attitudes in the adult population.

In the aftermath of traumatic events, however, sexual or emotional intimacy may become easier because vulnerability and neediness are socially sanctioned, racial and social distinctions are temporarily collapsed, and existing "rules" may no longer apply.A Kind of September: Impact of Terrorist Attacks on College Students' Lives and Intimate Relationships Susan Janssen Department of Sociology-Anthropology University of Minnesota-Duluth Introduction The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been a "defining moment," not only in American history, but in many individuals' lives.According to studies of national tragedy, events of this magnitude often result in reevaluation of personal values, priorities, and lifestyle (Sheatsley and Feldman, 1964; Smith, Rasinski, and Toce, 2001; Gallup Poll Analyses, 2001b).Less is known about college students and how their lives may or may not have changed subsequent to the attacks.In a recent telephone poll, about 25% of college-bound high school seniors reported that they are now less likely to consider attending a college or university far away from home, especially if a plane trip is involved ("Staying Close to Home..." 2001).

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Indeed, a comparison of public reactions to the terrorist attacks and the Kennedy assassination indicates very similar responses (Smith, Rasinski, and Toce, 2001).