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Worldofdating net

While Leslie claims she's doesn't know Bucket, he's convinced she's at his school to get back at him.

Season 2, Episode 8 CCTV-GHD Bucket's crippling fear of chickens embarrasses him when one gets loose at school and he totally loses his cool in front of Kelley.

In an attempt to prove he isn't a wimp, he and Skinner stage a fake robbery at the surf shop.

Season 2, Episode 9 CCTV-GHD Bucket and Skinner join Kelly's cheerleading squad when they learn the team is competing for a trip to Regionals in Hawaii.

And after receiving an ultimatum from Todd, Chase will try anything to get Lilo's behavior under control.

Season 5, Episode 6 CCTV-14HD Todd and Julie's hope for a relaxing weekend together proves to be wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, Julie opens a boutique real estate office, but things go awry when she offers to sell Savannah’s house.

Season 2, Episode 6 CCTV-GHD Bucket recognizes the pretty new girl, Leslie, as the crazy girl from summer camp who stalked him.

Meanwhile, Savannah's fancy new ride causes Todd to put her and Nanny Faye's driving skills to the test.

Season 5, Episode 9 CCTV-14HD When Todd refuses to celebrate anyone but Faye for Mother’s Day, Julie and Lindsie decide to make their own plans.

Unable to free themselves, the three do their best to make it through Kelly's stuffy dinner party.

Season 2, Episode 2 CCTV-GHD Skinner falls for a rich heiress after the boys sneak into an elite yacht club, and while Bucket helps him act wealthy and cultured so she doesn't learn the truth about him, Aloe is determined to expose Skinner.

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